List of Teachers (College)

T. ID Picture Full Name Designation Joining Date Mobile Profile
TIID-201601 Mst. Tanjima Haque Mst. Tanjima Haque PRINCIPAL (In charge) & Assistance Professor (Biology) 01718877993
TIID-201603 Mohammad Kutub Uddin Mohammad Kutub Uddin Assistance Professor (Physics) 01717826954
TIID-201604 Md. Atikur Rahman Md. Atikur Rahman Assistance Professor (Mathematics) 01792822500
TIID-201605 Md. Sadekul Islam Md. Sadekul Islam Assistance Professor (Accounting) 01738381271
TIID-201607 Md. Taiabur Rahman Tuhin Md. Taiabur Rahman Tuhin Senior Lecturer (Statistics) 01713724777
TIID-201609 Md. Ansarul Haque Md. Ansarul Haque Senior Lecturer (Islamic Studies) 01724673049
TIID-201610 Sayada Parvin Akhter Sayada Parvin Akhter Senior Lecturer (Management) 01736360036
TIID-201611 Md. Moshiur Rahman Md. Moshiur Rahman Senior Lecturer (Bangla) 01718519521
TIID-201612 Md. Meshbaul Hoque Md. Meshbaul Hoque Senior Lecturer (Economics) 01912761909
TIID-201613 Md. Shah Alam Miah Md. Shah Alam Miah Senior Lecturer (English) 01718282907
TIID-201614 Md. Ramjan Ali Md. Ramjan Ali Senior Lecturer (chemistry) 01822850386
TIID-201615 ABM Ashad UD Dawla Polash ABM Ashad UD Dawla Polash Lecturer (Psychology) 01818366654
TIID-201616 Abeda Akber Abeda Akber Lecturer (Botany) 01711244486
TIID-201608 Md. Hasan Mahmud Md. Hasan Mahmud Senior Lecturer (Sociology) 01716250576
TIID-201602 MD. MASHIAR RAHMAN MD. MASHIAR RAHMAN Assistance Professor (Politics and good governance) 01722466919
TIID-201606 MD.SAFIQUL ALAM  SARDAR MD.SAFIQUL ALAM SARDAR Assistance Professor (ICT) 01711445519